Kipp Howard is an Artist/Writer/Filmmaker based out of Cedar City UT. Originally from Kingston, NY, Kipp ended up traveling the globe as a military brat. Earning his degree in Art from Hinds College MS, he also earned his BA in English/Theatre/and Communications from Southern Utah University. Since then he has had numerous personal art shows, taught lessons in playwriting, radio and filmmaking at SUU. He has national awards in radio broadcasting, playwriting, and filmmaking. With over 65 accredited films on IMDb, dozens of short stories, plays, feature film screen plays, and his first novel, RED JACK, Kipp is finally ready to start his real work. He’s excited to meet you and guarantees a new and exciting view of how to create art on any playing field! Check out the videos below for examples of Kipp’s personal fine art work.

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Check out Kipp’s filmography with Neu World Studios, YouTube and find him on IMDb.