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AE&D Art Studio
rock tumbling because it takes a lot of time and we've got plenty of time

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AE&D Art Studio
AE&D Art Studio
A quick tutorial I made on how to create a no sew face mask out of a shop towel.

I was reading in the Washington Post about best materials to use when making your own masks during the pandemic. From "Which DIY mask pattern should you use? Even experts can’t pick one to recommend." (


Peter Tsai, the materials scientist who invented the electrostatic charging technology that N95 masks — the highest-quality medical masks on the market — rely on, also believes that homemade masks are an important part of the United States’ battle against the coronavirus.


Tsai recommended using car shop towels as mask material. The towels, available in rolls and often blue in color, would do a better job of filtering droplets than cloth, he said. The material is “very strong,” he said. “And it can be washed with soap and water and reused.” (...)


YouTuber JimHappy (Shop Towel Mask) was linked, which is where this tutorial came from.

#pandemic #facemask #homemade #shoptowel #shoptowelmask #tutorial #nosew #easy
AE&D Art Studio
AE&D Art Studio
We put a ton of hearts up around Cedar City! If you come across one, you can help spread the love and support by posting a photo to social media with #CedarCityLove ❤❤❤

Thank you to everyone who came and made hearts!!!

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Due to COVID-19, I am cancelling the annual Free Summer Art Party. Unfortunately, in order to follow with recommended guidelines, I would only be able to allow 2 to 3 people into the studio at a time, and that is simply not an option with this sort of celebration.

Tree sketch for the art class this evening. @ AE&D

Stop sucking and start getting good at AE&D! @ AE&D BeCreative_Here photo