Stephanie Watters Flores is the creator and owner of AE&D. She is an artist, screen printer, educator, and graphic designer by trade (you can see her design work at

Steph was born in Pinesdale, Montana, though her family relocated to Utah before she was 4 years old, claiming multiple addresses throughout Salt Lake and Utah counties as home. She moved to Cedar City right after her 15th birthday and claims Cedar City as her hometown stating it is really where she found herself and grew up. Steph graduated from Canyon View High School in 1999.

Earning her Bachelor’s of Art in Graphic Design from Southern Utah University (2007) and a Master’s of Art in Graphic Design from Indiana University, Bloomington (2011), Steph enjoys all forms of visual art and finds passion in helping and encouraging others to express themselves artistically. Despite her formal and extended training focusing on Graphic Design, Steph has always considered herself an artist and has purposely extended her academic career by the way of taking every single art class she was able to (these included 4 years of art history, drawing, 2 years of painting, photography, and 4 years of printmaking focusing on silkscreen). Steph has won many awards for her art throughout her life and has art in multiple printed volumes.

Additionally, she maintains an impressive resume with her work experience in regards to her areas of expertise. Her art has been seen all over the country in exhibitions and art shows and is owned by various individuals in both the USA and Canada. She maintains a position at the Art Institutes as an Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design (online division), currently claims the title of Art Director for The Ryder, an entertainment and art magazine out of Bloomington, IN; has taught at Southern Utah University and Indiana University, Bloomington, as well as for IT Training and Education.

Steph offers her services as a Graphic Designer to the community of Cedar City and enjoys working with local clients as well as looking forward to working with more!

Steph has taught countless workshops and classes in programs and concepts relating to Graphic Design and visual art, written and recorded tutorials, and has aided in writing curriculum and structure for classes and workshops. She enjoys working with youth groups and adult alike and thoroughly enjoys discussing art and design.

Check out Steph’s personal website here and her teaching portfolio here. You can also find Steph on social media: facebook, Behance, LinkedIn.


Blind Cow After R.J.S
oil on canvas


Demo for Photoshop Face Mash-up/Weaving Poster


Smashed Flowers


Screw You, Da Vinci!
oil on board


Rejected T-Shirt Design
digital illustration


Event Poster/EASW2015


oil on canvas